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ShortPicks is a comprehensive and impartial resource for investors and traders interested in overpriced stocks. We feature stocks that, in our opinion, are likely to experience future decreases in value, constituting sound ideas for short selling.  Our services include:

  • An average of 15 stock picks per month.
  • A maximum-likelihood system for short selling, optimized for short-term trading.
  • High-yield trading ideas for position trading, swing trading and even day trading.
  • Real-time alerts for the hottest trade opportunities.
  • Overnight reports with up to 4 ideas.
  • Suggested entry, exit and stop points.
  • The only service with trailing stops. No one protects your gains like us!
  • Tools for shorting stocks, FREE for non-members:
  • Our quick reports include short interest, short ratio, short % vs. float and other useful variables.
  • Trading tips, examples, trading strategies and a lot more in our educational pages.
  • Limited time:  Bonus LONG picks, puts and more!

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Some of our picks have made a 10% profit within the next 2 trading days!


Please, remember that you don’t have to short stocks in order to enjoy the edge that ShortPicks services provide: As a bullish investor, knowing in advance which stocks are NOT fundamentally and technically safe for a long position can keep you away from risky investments and potential losses. Even if you don’t short stocks, our inexpensive fee gives you access to valuable insights that help preventing large losses.
Looking at our last big winners (right column) can help you realize the worries of long term investors who did not know how risky their long positions were.
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